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Name: Steven Stone (Daigo Tsuwabuki, ダイゴ ツワブキ)
Name meaning: The name 'Steven' is derived from the Greek for 'crown'. 'Stone' is a very old English surname, denoting the obvious of a geographical feature. Together, it could possibly be a reference to Saint Stephen, who was stoned to death, as well as his place as Champion- the 'crown' of any Pokémon trainer.

The name 'Daigo' can translate to 'the fifth' or 'great wisdom', both of which could refer to his position as Champion. However, the kana is written differently, so it is likely here used simply as a name. It could also refer to the Deigo plant, 梯梧, or Erythrina variegata.
'Tsuwabuki' is a kind of flower- specifically, the Farfugium japonicum, 石蕗, ligularia or 'green leopard plant. Tsuwabuki plants flower in remote rocky cliffs and are a happy yellow in colour. They flower in late November. 'Tsuwabuki' also contains the word 'stone'.
Age: 25
Birthday and star sign: 21st April, 1984. His star signs are Taurus and the Wood Rat.
Blood Type: O (passionate and loyal)
Height: 5'10"/178cm
Weight: 180lb

Known family members: Colin Stone (Father), Alexandra Stone (Mother, deceased), Steven Stone (Fiancé)
Sexuality: Straight- but gay for Steven.

Interests: Geology, Pokémon training, cooking.
Colours: Black, purple, red, blue, silver.
Favourite possession: A bracelet that Steven made for him.
Favourite food: Anything spicy.
Least favourite food: Seafood and some Chinese foods.
Special skills: Has some artistic talent, can play the piano and guitar, and can make jewelry.
Has trouble with: Anyone who has trouble with his other half. He's also a bit sensitive and will take small things to heart, and extremely accident prone.
Habit: Grips at his hair when nervous, and can be a big woobie over nothing. He's also quite touchy-feely, especially with his other half. You know if he's listening to you if he has his head tilted to one side.

History: Steven was born in Rustboro, the home of his father's company. His upbringing was what you would call "very sheltered"; he didn't make his first real friend until the age of 12 or so. An attempt at being a geologist at age six left him with a nasty scar on his forehead, which is perpetually covered by a tuft of hair. This didn't deter him, however, and he went on to specialise in the geology and geography of Hoenn.

His first Pokémon was a small Beldum that followed him around on a geography trip. This new friendship soon turned Steven towards competitive battling, and finding that he enjoyed it, decided to incoporate training and capturing into his excavations, as his Pokémon would often help dig for rocks.

In his early twenties, he caught wind of a plot by Team Aqua and Team Magma to, in short, decimate Hoenn into a land of their own creation. He and his father were one of the first to know about this deadly plot, and so set upon trying to decipher a stone tablet that would awaken the three Golem Pokémon. In the final clash of the titans, Steven offered himself up as a sacrifice so that the Golem's could be awoken and controlled. Having the Golem's essentially living off his life force quickly drained him, and he soon succumbed to death.

After a boy released his Celebi, the Time Travel Pokémon restored everything that had been destroyed- Steven included. After everything had calmed down he tried to go about his life as normal, and found himself unable; the thought that by rights he shouldn't be alive scared him greatly. But he did an admirable job of hiding it, and no one was any wiser to his insecurities.

One day, whilst carrying out an undersea excavation in a submarine, he encountered a strong current that decimated his sub and left him seemingly for dead on the shores of a very odd island...

Personality: Steven is, for the most part, a nice guy. He's quite willing to give anyone a chance at befriending him. However, he doesn't do so well with second chances; screw up once and he's unlikely to talk to you again. This trait of his has lead to a small rivalry with his other half's best friend, Riley.

He also has a jealous streak. He hates seeing his other half with anyone else, but resigns himself to the fact that his other half has other friends to spend time with.

He's also been known to get violent when angered- a few times he's tried to punch Riley, and has punched Primal Dialga. He's more likely to take his anger out on inanimate objects, however.

He is, however, quite loving and extremely doting upon the people he loves. He loves physical affection and goes out of his way to make people dear to him happy.
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