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Steven Stone
28 January 2009 @ 07:14 pm
*Steven sighs- he is sat on the window seat, looking out over the cliffs that run along the back of his house. If he cranes his neck upwards he can just about see the ocean- the day is cold but bright and the sea looks almost crystalline, it's hard to tell where the sea ends and the sky begins. He smiles warmly, before calling out to his other half-*

Steven Stone
26 December 2008 @ 09:41 pm
*Steven leads his other half up to their house, offering to take his coat off for him once they're inside and out of the cold.*
Steven Stone
09 December 2008 @ 07:41 pm
It's some time before Steven finishes the housework. Not that he minds- he finds it relaxing, in a strange way. And his other half isn't in any condition to be doing the dishes, anyway. He throws the tea towel on the radiator by the door then heads out, crossing the living room and heading straight for their bedroom. 

His other half is asleep- this isn't entirely surprising. He's been doing that a lot recently, trying to sleep off the pains from his fall almost a week earlier. He looks content and warm in his sleep, and is laid out on his back, left arm out to the side of him, and Steven finds it looks terribly inviting.

He quickly undresses into his pyjamas, and slowly crawls into the bed. Being very careful not to wake his other half up, he snuggles up next to him and wraps Steven's good arm around his shoulder, resting his head against Steven's chest. It's often the other way around, but Steven finds it comforting to be held like this...

He rests a hand carefully on Steven's chest, being mindful of his broken arm, and it isn't at all long before he's fast asleep.

Steven Stone
02 December 2008 @ 02:55 pm
The tiny fox nestled in the blanket in Steven's arms yawns widely, then snuggles its nose into the fabric as it settles down to sleep. Steven almost makes it wake up again- he doesn't want to be left alone with his thoughts, not now, not when his other half has apparently walked out on him. He puts down the bottle he was using to feed the fox, a creature he still has yet to identify, at takes to staring back out the window.

He's been sat at the window seat since last night- he barely got a wink of sleep. Not just from worry, but from having to wake up every two hours to feed the fox. He's since taken to calling him 'Blue'- just until he figures out what it is. He slowly, carefully strokes Blue's ears, admiring how soft they are, while still managing to keep an eye out.

He almost expects Steven to walk back up the hill and stride in the front door, smiling widely, as if nothing has even happened. Steven wants him to. But he can't help but think, if- no, when Steven gets back, how will he react?

Will he be angry at his other half? Even now, when he's at his lowest, he's finding it hard to hold a grudge against Steven.

...But what if his other half returns home and has indeed thought things through, and decides he wants to split up?

No, Steven thinks. He can't be in that mindset. He was always taught that positive thinking will go a long way...

But right now, when the other side of his soul has walked out on him, he can't help but think that things seem pretty hopeless.

Steven Stone
01 December 2008 @ 08:25 pm
It's been hours since Steven ran off to look for his other half. And his search has yielded no results.

He lost any sort of trail left by Steven the second he stepped into the woods- undergrowth doesn't tend to hold footprints well. Right now, he's in a field that he's never seen before, an endless rain pouring on him, soaking him to his very core.

And he's starting to think that looking for Steven might be useless. His legs still carry him forward, trying to continue his search in vain, as the rest of him is starting to give in to fatigue.

And it's then that his foot hits something small and soft, yelping loudly.

Steven half-shrieks and backs away, trying to find the source of the yelping. A few feet in front of him is a tiny, icy blue fox-like creature. Even in the pouring rain, it's fur seems to shine with an almost unearthly iridescence. And Steven had just kicked it.

He kneels down and reaches out his hands to pick it up, scooping the tiny creature around it's stomach- it promptly bites him, in the space between his thumb and index finger.

O-ow... no, come on, let go... It's okay...

The tiny fox loosens it's grip on his hand somewhat, but not by choice. It looks weary and tired and hungry, bordering on looking unwell, and it shivers uncontrollably.

Y-you need to find somewhere warm, little one... And you look hungry, too...

The tiny fox looks up at his with tealy-blue eyes. Steven can't help but notice it's sheer beauty, and just how furry it is...

These traits instantly remind him of his other half.

Steven turns his head skywards- there's no way he will catch up to Steven now.

He'll just... have to come back when he's ready... If he comes back at all...

Wrapping the tiny fox up in his coat, he turns around and starts a brisk walk home, his silent tears lost amongst the falling rain.
Steven Stone
01 December 2008 @ 02:59 pm
Steven drifts awake, thinking it to be morning. He catches sight of the alarm clock on his fiancé's side of the bed- it's the mid afternoon. He doesn't think much of it, until he notices that something is missing.

Where's Steven?

Steven assumes he's already gotten up and got dressed, perhaps gone out to the meeting area. Though it's strange for him to have gone without saying anything...

He slowly hauls himself out of bed and dresses in the first clothes he finds- a blue and grey striped jumper and some stone-washed jeans that could do with going in the laundry. He saunters out into the living room, looking for any trace of his angel.


He pops his head around the corner of each room. The bathroom is empty, so is the spare room. Steven starts to feel a little on edge at this point, worry starting to settle into the pit of his stomach.

...He must be in the meeting field, then.

He shakes his head lightly, as if trying to shake the worry away, then goes into the kitchen to make a tea.

It's then that he notices the note left on the table. And, more importantly, the ring set down on top of it. Steven freezes up- he still remembers the last time Steven left a note...

He hesitantly picks the note up in his left hand, the ring in his right. He reads what little contents there are of the letter, over and over again.

After a minute, both items drop to the floor as Steven runs for the porch, wrenches the door open and draws in a huge breath.


He doesn't bother waiting for any sort of response, and tears down the path still worn into the grass by his other half's footsteps.
Steven Stone
06 November 2008 @ 03:43 pm
*Steven heaves himself from the warmth of the bed and staggers into the kitchen, with the intent to make his other half something for breakfast. He takes a mug from the cupboard and glances quickly out of the window overlooking the back of the house; and quite promptly does a triple take.

Tea and toast forgotten, he runs back into the master bedroom and tries to frantically shake his other half awake.*
Steven Stone
26 October 2008 @ 11:35 pm
*It is unusual for Steven to wake up so early on a weekend, and for a moment Steven wonders why he's woken up at such a god-awful hour. He looks over at the clock on the bedside table to read the numbers and finds himself unable, as his vision is blurry and shows no signs of getting better. He sits up, a little disconcerted by how much he's shaking. That isn't right...

He throws the covers off himself, careful not to wake his other half up, and stumbles into the bathroom. As he reaches out to lean against the sink he realises just how hot he feels in contrast with the cold porcelain under his hands. He can feel beads of sweat trickle down the sides of his face and the heat starts to feel almost unbearable.

He puts down the lid of the toilet and takes a seat upon it, intending to stay there until this strange dizzy spell disappates.*
Steven Stone
18 October 2008 @ 07:21 pm
*Upon stepping back and surveying his handiwork, Steven finds himself extremely proud.

Both of his sofas have been pushed together, side by side, and his coffee table lays parallel to them. At either end of the furniture are two piles of pillows forming a soft wall, and draped over the lot is his quilt. Combined, the whole lot forms some sort of den or fort.

Around the perimeter are toys, mostly plush ones in the shape of various Pokémon- Arons, Beldums, Baltoys, Lileeps, Cradilys, Skarmories, Cranidos, Absols and Lucarios, to name but a few. Circling around them is a remote controlled car, being chased furiously by Steven's Absol, Garnet.

Steven hastily pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket and scribbles something upon it.

He checks it and smirks, before attaching it onto his Metagross' head with a magnet. The Pokémon zooms off, and Steven checks his handiwork one last time.

If there's one thing he's good at... it's distraction tactics.*

Steven Stone
17 October 2008 @ 05:53 pm
*Steven grimaces as several joints pop. He stretches out, limbs aching and vision dimming for a brief second. He signs and leans back over the desk- why is steel so hard to manage? He's only trying to make a ring. It shouldn't be taking as long as it is...

Still, at least he has the diamond part out of the way. Trying to cut the diamond into two, hollow but perfectly round pieces was a nightmare, especially considering how much room he had to leave for the ring itself...

As the night goes on into the early hours of the morning, Steven can feel his concentration waning. The steel has finally been bent into the ring shape- the join still needs work, but it'll do for today. He leans back and sighs, suddenly feeling the pain tingle in his overworked fingers. He looks down at them- they're scratched, dirty and calloused, bleeding in a few places where he's caught his skin on the sharp edges of the metal.

He hisses quietly and shakes the pain off, and finally pushes himself away from the desk, heading straight for the nearest thing he can use for a bed. He looks as if he remembers something, and does a u-turn and promptly packs away any evidence of ring-making.

Wouldn't do for his other half to find out, after all.

He again makes his way to the sofa and flops down upon the pillows, sleep taking him before his head even hits the cushion.*